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John Malanca: Connecting Patients to Education

We love the work of the United Patients Group. This is why we support them and them us! Education is half of the key to accessing Medical Cannabis, through education. Support and awareness comes about from a grass roots level all the way through to the clinicians.

John Malanca is a people person! He loves working with people, helping others and has dedicated his life to paying it forward and connecting patients and medical professionals to education on cannabis. Serving others runs deep in his veins and he’s doing his very best, along with his wife Corinne, to help patients learn about cannabis as a health alternative through their organization, United Patients Group.

What do you wish people would know about the cannabis plant?

I just wish more people would educate themselves on the cannabis plant. That’s what we do at United Patients Group is educate, not only education for the patients and clients that call us, but for the doctors and major U.S. institutions that call asking for guidance. We have CME courses in cannabinoid therapy for physicians and nurses. We believe that lawmakers should also be required to take these courses before drafting laws that make no sense.

Currently, the media has been pushing CBD. If my father-in-law was on a straight CBD regimen, I believe he would not be here today. THC is needed to kill cancer cells. Some seizure patients have hundreds of seizures a day. Yes, CBD can help some of these patients although adding a touch of THC; those seizures can drop even more. So, when you see all these states legalizing CBD only, the lawmakers need to know that it will only work for a small percentage of patients.

What part would you like to play in moving this industry in a positive direction?

We pride ourselves on being the leading medical cannabis information and education website in this industry, which is one of the reasons why we don’t sell products. We’re here to pay it forward. We work very hard in bridging the gap between conventional medicine and cannabinoid therapeutics while maintaining an unprecedented level of ethics.

What is your message to the CannaEffect community?

Pass on the message of cannabis education, one person at a time, one patient at a time, one story at time. This will create change. We’ve seen it with my father-in-law’s story – It’s a domino effect; His story is being passed on from patient to patient globally. We’re all in this together! We know the benefits of this plant and I think we all need to educate our friends and family about it.

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